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Scott Yancey is a real estate expert. He has been buying and selling homes for years, making millions in the process. In "Scott’s Thoughts,” he shares his wisdom on how to make real estate work. This blog is for casual investors to seasoned veterans. Click link below to learn more.


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Strategies for Life Success, Optimizing the Human Experience.

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>> real estate information from Dean Graziosi.

To reach new markets and a targeted audience of buyers and decision makers, join our real estate investment network.

HP to Resell, Support Red Hat Worldwide
Hewlett-Packard announced Wednesday it is strengthening the services it provides to buyers of HP servers and workstations that run on Red Hat's Linux operating systems.

The move is warranted because HP systems based on Red Hat's Linux operating systems are increasingly being used for critical business operations, such as running enterprise databases and applications, said Hugh Jenkins, vice president for HP's industry standard servers division. For the full story on good Scheduling appointment training.

Oracle Shows Gains in Third Quarter
SAN FRANCISCO -- Despite a decline in new software licenses, Oracle Corp. showed an uptick in overall revenue for its third quarter as the company Tuesday reported its latest financial results.

The database company reported net income of $571 million for the quarter ended Feb. 28. This marks a 12 percent increase over the $508 million in net income posted in the same quarter last year, according to a statement. Oracle also showed a 2 percent increase in revenue over last year's third quarter with $2.31 billion earned this period. For the full story click here

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